Your IT. Managed.

As a small business owner, you might be nervous to hire an outside IT provider, but the peace of mind, security and assurance in your computers and technology will allow you to operate and grow with confidence. Plus, you get the support you need, without the payroll expense!

The IT solutions that make sense!

Package One: SMB

For small to medium businesses with five or more employees, each with individual needs.


Package Two: SOHO

For lean running small offices/home offices with minimal ongoing support needs.


Package Three: Break/Fix

You’ve got one or two computers. You call when things break and do it yourself the rest of the time.


What’s going to happen the next time you have an IT problem?

You’re going to call someone you’ve probably used in the past. You’ll put in a request for service. Then, you’ll be scheduled for somebody to stop by and fix it. Meanwhile, your system is down…


That’s not the way it has to be.

A better way is to have a user-friendly IT guy who manages your systems, keeps problems from happening through remote monitoring, and, should something unexpected happen, has off-site backups so your company never misses a beat.

That’s what Technolene, Inc. provides its very happy clients. And, if that’s the way you’d like IT to work for you, we should talk.

Expert Help

When you work with Technolene, you’re bringing in expert help that’s on your team without being on your payroll. We start with a conversation and onboarding process so I can get to know your business and technology systems.

We then put together a package specifically for you, drawn from the following resources:

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance tools installed on all PCs and Macs
  • Antimalware/AV
  • Onsite and offsite backups
  • Network setup/configuration
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to cyber threats
  • A la carte services

Your ridiculously responsive, user friendly IT guy!

I started Technolene nearly twenty years ago with a vision: to be the user friendly IT guy “for the rest of us.” From the very beginning, I’ve worked with small to medium sized businesses to be their lightning rod for any technology challenges. To solve problems, to prevent problems, to ask questions and provide trusted guidance.

Louis Katz
President, Technolene Inc.


  • When you have more than 8 devices
  • When your computers are an essential part of your daily success and operations
  • When you need all of your devices to be networked and work together
  • When you need your data protected against virus and spyware
  • When you need to protect your business against ransom ware

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